Virgin hair is hair that has NO chemical processing or altering. It is 100% natural human hair cut from the head of a single or multiple human donors. Our Virgin Hair is cut from the head of a single donor and has cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to end. This ensures that the extensions behave exactly like your own hair. This process eliminates the tangling problems which is common in low quality non-Remy hair.
Luv Goddess Virgin Hair is of the finest quality and because the cuticles are intact and the hair is double drawn, you should experience little to no shedding or tangling. Please be aware that during normal brushing and/or combing you may lose a few hair strands which is normal. You shouldn't have a noticeable or drastic decrease in hair density or volume especially if you seal your wefts. We recommend Dritz Fray Fabric Check, found at Walmart.
YES, you can color and dye our hair. Our hair is 100% Virgin Hair of the finest quality and has never been chemically treated and it can therefore handle the coloring process very well. However, it will no longer be virgin once you color or process the hair. We suggest you consult a professional if you wish to alter your hair from its natural state.
There are 3.5 oz. of hair in each bundle of Luv Goddess Hair. Recommendation 12” to 14” about 2 bundles is recommended- 16” to 22” about 3 bundles is recommended- 24′ to 30” about 4 bundles is recommended- For a very full Goddess look, you can add 3 to 4 bundles at any inch, really depends on personal preference.
As the length of the hair increases, the bundle size decreases. Therefore, a 24" will be nowhere near the size of a 14" or 16" bundle of hair. For longer lengths, more bundles are required to complete an install.
The hair length is based on the hair stretched length. The texture will shorten the length. Curly hair will always appear to be a few inches shorter than straight hair because the true length is only shown once the hair is straightened. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the length, please do not install the hair or remove the label.
Tight Curly and Deep Wave virgin hair is very difficult to maintain. While many believe it is a "wash & go" hair, it requires more care, love, and maintenance to achieve the desired look. For detailed care instructions please refer to our Curly Hair Maintenance information found on the Hair Care Tips page.